6D Laser, LLC has developed an integrated ultrafast laser micromachining system that combines high-speed galvo scanning with advanced motion control. The result is a system that can process hard, transparent materials with wide range Taper Angle Control for creating high aspect ratio features in thick substrates without limitations on the feature or field size.  
Typical laser ablative processes result in machined features with significant sidewall taper, i.e., a desired cylindrical hole will have a conical profile. While precession scan heads can create features with near-zero angled sidewalls, they are limited to small angles of incidence (AOI) and small field sizes by the optics in the beamline. 
6D Laser’s micromachining system controls the AOI and resulting wall taper angle through a multi-axis motion system. Additionally, the programmable tool center point allows the control of AOI over the entire galvo scan field, enabling the processing of large features. 

System Features

• 6-Degree of Freedom motion system with programmable Tool Center Point for Taper Angle Control. 
• ACS Motion controllers implemented with forward and inverse kinematic transformations. 
• High-speed ScanLab excelliScan galvo scanner with scanAhead feed-forward control for maximum dynamics. 
• Optical Beamline optimized for high-average power, high-rep rate, ultrafast lasers. 
• Versatile software interface for combined control of motion and scanning systems. 
• Integrated machine vision for alignment, calibration, and inspection. 
• All components integrated on a single granite structure for mechanical and thermal stability.