About 6D Laser

6D Laser was founded by Dr. Stephen Uhlhorn.

Based on his extensive research and practical hands-on experience with femtosecond laser machine tools, Dr. Uhlhorn identified several critical underlying factors that have been impediments to broad market adoption for femtosecond laser machine tools; a nascent market!

The global laser micromachining market was valued at ~$207 million in 2021 and projected to achieve a 6.8% CAGR through 2030 (~$368 million).

6D Laser’s founder’s goal is simple

He and his business partner, Edward Albe, are on a mission to accelerate market adoption of femtosecond laser machine tools for our customers through proprietary method(s) of integrating ultrafast laser processing with precision multi-axis motion systems.

Laser Micro-Processing Industry

6D Laser is purpose driven to address and solve inherent limitations of existing laser processing systems; which are largely due to sub-optimal positioning systems used by systems integrators.
6D Laser solves these limitations by integrating ultra-fast laser material processing, 6D nanometer level precision motion control solutions, and home grown intellectual property (IP) and ``trade secrets``. More...

Smart Integrations

6D Laser vertically integrates all of the sub-systems required for precision laser microprocessing, and it does this by forming strategic partnerships with key component and
subsystem suppliers that are required to achieve the goals of demanding precision