Laser Solutions

Laser Processing Machine Design and Integration

Combining 20 years of motion system experience with more than 20 years of experience in laser system application development, gives 6D Laser a unique combination of talent, experience, and expertise that is rarely found in laser system integrators across the industry. With our diversified in-house expertise, we have the ability to design a laser processing system and integrate it to meet your specific need and application.

Contract Process Development

6D Laser has an in-house applications development lab fully equipped to aid you in your ultrafast laser process development needs. Micromachining and general laser processing equipment include:

• 20 W Amplitude Satsuma ultrafast laser with all 3 harmonics (1030/515/343 nm).

• Scanlab exelliSCAN galvoscanner for precision laser scanning (> 10 m/s).

• ALIO 6-axis Hybrid Hexapod motion system for processing with AOI control (± 15 deg).

•Fully Integrated XLSCAN scanner for large-format UFV™ processing.

• Various beam expanders and scan lenses for process optimization.

Laser Process Validation

Through 6D Laser’s strategic partnerships with Amplitude Laser, SCANLAB, and ACS Motion Control, we can offer ultrafast laser process validation services. This is especially useful in the early phase of a development effort, when it is not immediately clear whether a particular laser system will be suitable for a given process. With our in-house apps lab, we can help you determine if an ultrafast laser is the right approach for your application.