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July 5, 2021

High-Performance Planar Processing

High Performance Planar Processing

6D Laser’s Unlimited Field-of-View (UFV™) solution combines the precision galvo scanning of SCANLAB’s XLSCAN system with ALIO’s precision monolithic XY stages for superior UFV™accuracy.  As customers’ requirements of laser microprocessing applications become more demanding, the performance of legacy systems do not meet the specifications for accuracy, repeatability, and precision.

Hybrid Hexapod® Based Micromachining Systems

Laser micro-machining of fine features using ablative methods leads to the formation of steep wall taper angles when drilling or milling deep features (>100 microns). The traditional solution to this problem is to employ a 5-axis precession scan head. 6D Laser’s alternative approach is to control the taper angle by varying the AOI using ALIO’s 6-D Hybrid Hexapod®. By combining the high-speed scanning of the galvos, with the multi-axis motion control of the Hybrid Hexapod®, 6D Laser can take full advantage of the unique processing capabilities of ultrafast lasers, without the need for a costly precession scan head, thereby lowering the barrier to entry for precision laser micro-machining.

Laser Gimbal™ Based Micromachining Systems

As manufacturing geometries continue to increase in complexity, the need to control angle of incidence (AOI) for non-planar substrates becomes crucial. 6D Laser’s large format integrated 5-axis laser processing system combines ALIO’s Laser Gimbal motion system with high-speed galvo scanning to allow processing of complex 3D geometries.

High-Throughput Polygon Scanning Solutions

With the recent considerable increases in the average power of ultrafast lasers, there became a need to increase the scanning speed in order to avoid unwanted thermal effects. Polygon scanning addresses this need by offering increased laser processing throughput with increased flying speed to 100 m/s or more. 6D Laser has partnered with Next ScanTechnology to provide fully integrated planar laser processing systems that combine ALIO’s precision motion stages with high-throughput polygon scanners.

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