Unparalleled Control, Precision, and Ease-of-Use

6D Laser is purpose driven to integrate the unique capabilities of ultrafast laser micro-processing with advanced multi-axis motion control.

6D Laser’s integration enables the manufacture of unique 3-dimensional parts for a variety of current and future applications which are either extremely difficult, or impossible, to fabricate using currently available methods.

As such, laser micromachining has become a “need-to-have” methodology for diverse production tasks which are extremely challenging due to the combined requirements of precision and speed.

6D Laser vertically integrates all of the sub-systems required for precision laser micro-processing. We have established strategic partnerships with key component and subsystem suppliers that are necessary and critical to achieving the goals of demanding precision applications.

This system integration approach is further enhanced by 6D Laser’s intellectual property (and “trade secrets”) which has been developed over time through trial and error and fundamental research and development.

6D Laser Enclosure - ultrafast laser micro-processing
Integrated Laser Processing Systems

6D Laser is an expert in the integration of laser material processing and precision multi-axis motion systems to enable the next generation of advanced manufacturing techniques.

This advancement is accelerating the ability to fabricate free-form geometric parts with tighter tolerances that have been previously deemed impossible. 6D Laser can help you realize your engineering goals in markets as diverse as Energy, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, and Biomedical to name a few.

Applications include micromachining, maskless lithography, surface texturing, and much more. Future applications are only limited by your imagination. You can now achieve what you’ve conceived with 6D Laser’s advanced laser micromaching platform.

    The latest developments

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