Femtosecond Laser Machine Tools Made Easier

“We machine tight-tolerance features with zero side wall taper in difficult-to-machine materials”

Yep, you read that correctly.

A plain old straight hole made with a laser.

Sounds simple, but, it’s NOT!!

6D Laser is making a next generation femtosecond laser machine tool.

A machine tool that will also make it easy for you to fabricate “free-form” parts.

So, what are “free-form” parts?

Free-form parts are asymmetrical.

Free-form parts typically have tolerances and configurations previously deemed impractical or impossible.

Hence, our objective at 6D Laser is simple.

We’ll provide you with an advanced femtosecond laser machine tool.

A femtosecond laser machine tool that can either “stand alone”, or enhance the capabilities of your conventional machine tools and CNC machining.

This advanced capability is vital for developing products for markets as diverse as Energy, Aerospace, CleanTech, and Biomedical to name a few.

Future mission critical applications and products will only be limited by your imagination.

In 2023 you will be able to achieve what you can conceive with 6D Laser’s femtosecond laser machine tool.

Let us build one for you!